Niftypink Exclusive IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset
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Get rid of unwanted hair with just one simple click. 


Official IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset designed to deliver long-lasting visible results in just 3 weeks, full-body treatments done in 30 minutes, just once per week.

Why Should You Try IPL Handset?

  • Reduce hair growth, get rid of unwanted hair in just a few sessions
  • Only heat sensation, pain-free
  • Works on all body parts (including upper lips, bikini, and also Brazillian area) 
  • Lasts for 10+ year life-cycle
  • 300,000 flashes
  • No recurring costs, one time off purchase
  • 90 days money-back guarantee
  • 1-year warranty


What's in the box
  • Niftypink Exclusive IPL Handset
  • IPL Charging Cord
  • IPL User Manual
  • Warranty Card
Customer Reviews
Kay Yan

Fast Delivery

Delivery was relatively fast! Received mine in 2 days. Customer service is tip-top! I called earlier to asked about the function of the IPL hair removal and she explained patiently. She even gave some tips on how I can take care of my skin better! Really happy with the purchase. 

25 July 2021

Good Support

Very happy with the delivery and service from the girl. She's very patient when I have alot of questions to ask. Hehe. Started on my IPL journey last month and I'm so so so satisfied with the results!

20 July 2021


I love the colour, i got mine in rose gold! Used 2 times for now, it doesn't hurt at all, you'll feel a slight heat on your skin! finally can say bye bye to painful waxing, huhu. 

4 July 2021
Aisha Bt

Great Product

Been using it for three months and sy ready utk bagi feedback!!! For the first two months, sy rasa take begitu nampak results, mungkin hair grow slow, tapi bulan 3, i noticed some spots have stop growing hair. After the hair falls off, it didn't grow new hair. Tanya Niftypink, kata have to be consistent! BETUL!!! 

29 June 2021
June Lim

It's my first time trying out IPL after hearing it for so long. Have to be patient with it though, my results started to show after my 3rd treatment, where my hair growth starts to be slower. Can't wait to feel my smooth skin <3

24 June 2021
YG, Chan


Started using the handset to cure my black dots on my legs, especially my lower legs due to shaving scar. Customer service is very patient to provide advice to exfoliate and how I can improve my skin condition. Now I'm at my 4th treatment for my legs and I can start seeing the hair grow slower and the black dot become lighter!!! 


27 May 2021

Starting using it for one month plus and look at the results on my legs and arms!! can see lesser hair growth in both areas already. Worth it! 

26 May 2021
Brandon Chia


Bought this for myself and my gf, used it for a couple of times now. Significantly see my leg hair grow slower now. And its not painful at all!!! Guys, give it a try! 

17 May 2021
Jennifer. C


Quick response from the seller, was patient when answering my questions. Hoping to see the results to solve my black dots on my legs. 

4 May 2021
Putri bt Mohd


Nampak hair growth sy dah slow down. I have PCOS, which makes me very hairy, and my gyne recommended me to try laser to control my hair growth. Byk powerlah handset ni, and it's much more affordable than going to salon. Highly recommended! 

26 April 2021
Tasha, Bt Rahj


Sudah guna utk underarms for 4 times and I can see my hair growing byk slow as compared. Dia bantu sikit utk lightening jugak, kena exfoliate bersame2, baiklah product ni. xpayah pergi waxing salon buat mahal2. cant wait for final results of less hair!!!! 


19 April 2021
Yong, AK


Used the handset for about 3-4 times now, my legs hair has reduced a lot, but underarms took longer sessions, probably cause the hair are thicker.. but I'm super satisfied with the results! ❤️


16 April 2021


I used to go to beauty salon for waxing but its quite expensive over time and I have to get it done once every week. Was seeking for a new alternative, IPL was really a lifesaver, over 4 treatments now and I can see my hair growing much slower, some spots not even growing hair. This was very affordable as well!! 

13 April 2021


Fast reply from customer service and fast delivery, ordered yesterday and received today! Tried it, and it was almost painless, more like a heat on your skin. Can't wait to see the results!!

8 April 2021
Tan, MJ


Can see hair grow slower after 3 sessions, will continue until I see the final results. Worth the price! 

8 April 2021

Fast Results 

Been using the handset for at least 4 months continuously, can see how good the results are, especially for my UNDERARMS! Significantly reduced hair growth, but have to be very consistent with treatment, at least once or twice a week. 

7 April 2021

Fast Delivery

Took only 2 days to reach Johor, I was super surprised. Good quality and they are really much cheaper as compared to other brands. 

7 April 2021
Tierra, Chan

Great product

I had black dots on my legs due to constant waxing and shaving before. It helps a lot in lightening the black dots and getting rid of ingrown hair as well. Customer service is super patient, she even gave me some advice on how to prevent ingrown hair.

7 April 2021


Worth the price, such an affordable alternative as compared to salons and other brands. Highly recommended 

7 April 2021
Wong, HJ


I've been using the IPL on my underarms for almost 4 months and the amount of hair is greatly reduced. I use it longer than the recommended 12 weeks in order to get the results I wanted. BUT WORTH IT! It’s been great to be able to use this at home, rather than going to a beauty clinic especially during the pandemic. Way cheaper too.

6 April 2021