How to use an IPL handset?

So, how do you do IPL hair removal at home? Using the Niftypink IPL Hair Removal Handset is easy.


Steps to use the handset at home:

  1.  To get the desired result, it’s best to shave the targeted area before using, so the hair can absorb the pulsed light and shed more effectively.
  2. Plug the gadget in and click the green flashing light to turn the device on.
  3. Click on the light again to select a level suitable to your tolerance level and direct the device to the area you want to target, aligning the device so the window fully covers the skin.
  4. Press and hold the big button until you see a flash, and that’s when you’ve done one pulse. Repeat on desired areas until you are done.
  5. Once you’ve finished, hold the green button for 3s to turn the device off, and don’t forget to unplug it from the wall.
  6. Apply lotion on treated areas.


For first-timers, we highly recommend using the device once a week for the first 3 months for the skin to adapt to the routine. Afterward, use it once a month as needed. You can surely expect to see the result after a couple of treatments, where you’ll see the hair starts to grow slower, skin getting smooth and more hair starts to fall out.

And yes, you can use the device almost anywhere on your body, including your face (just don’t get too close to the eyes). Being a small and conveniently sized device, you can use it as part of your whole body skincare routine conveniently.

After all, you only need to purchase this device for long-term usage; there’s no need for refills or replacements, the bulb should last you over 10 years!