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We are Niftypink, specialise in IPL Hair Removal Home Handset, based in Selangor.

Wanting to get rid of unwanted hair, but too expensive? 

We are inspired to design and provide the best quality home IPL handset to remove hair at the comfort of your own home without having to burn a hole in your pocket. 

Customer Reviews
Kay Yan

Fast Delivery

Delivery was relatively fast! Received mine in 2 days. Customer service is tip-top! I called earlier to asked about the function of the IPL hair removal and she explained patiently. She even gave some tips on how I can take care of my skin better! Really happy with the purchase. 

25 July 2021

Good Support

Very happy with the delivery and service from the girl. She's very patient when I have alot of questions to ask. Hehe. Started on my IPL journey last month and I'm so so so satisfied with the results!

20 July 2021


I love the colour, i got mine in rose gold! Used 2 times for now, it doesn't hurt at all, you'll feel a slight heat on your skin! finally can say bye bye to painful waxing, huhu. 

4 July 2021
Aisha Bt

Great Product

Been using it for three months and sy ready utk bagi feedback!!! For the first two months, sy rasa take begitu nampak results, mungkin hair grow slow, tapi bulan 3, i noticed some spots have stop growing hair. After the hair falls off, it didn't grow new hair. Tanya Niftypink, kata have to be consistent! BETUL!!! 

29 June 2021